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Overview of successful startups in Armenia

Armenia’s startup ecosystem ranked 15th in Eastern Europe in 2023, and 51st globally (StartupBlink rankings) and it’s so promising to see Armenian startups succeed internationally. In recent years, Armenian technology has seen a significant rise despite the challenges. Every year, it’s been growing steadily by around 20%. And there are more and more tech companies and…
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Growth of Armenia startup ecosystem

Armenia, a country rich in culture and history, has emerged as a vibrant hub for startups and innovation. In recent years, its startup ecosystem has experienced remarkable growth, attracting attention from around the globe. This blog post will delve into the factors driving…
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Sevan Startup Summit 2023

Experience the fusion of nature and technology in a single location. Throughout a span of seven days, Sevan Startup Summit will offer an abundance of networking possibilities, engaging panel discussions, intimate campfire conversations, investment prospects, and numerous other opportunities. Immersed in the wilderness, where individuals collectively navigate challenges, assume responsibility, and…
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Startup idea competition in Yerevan

The Startup Idea competition titled “Leading technologies and ICT solutions for cultural, creative, and tourism sectors” has been announced by the AITC/EIF Center. The competition will begin with a two-day bootcamp on April 26-27, where participating teams will…
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Raising investment for startup in Armenia

Recently, due to specific circumstances, Armenia has become the focus of attention of technology companies and IT specialists. In this context, we paid special attention to the events taking place in the local and international startup ecosystems and reflected on the…
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What To Wear startup from Armenia is reaching new heights

What to wear? — an age-old question that’s still as relevant as it was 120.000 years ago when human beings started wearing clothes. What To Wear is an Armenian-based mobile application that offers an innovative answer-solution to this question.  Who is the What To Wear mobile app for? What To Wear (W2W) is an all-in-one AI-powered mobile app that will help stylish wannabes find, get and…
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Wirestock photo stock platform will cooperate with Getty Images

Armenian Wirestock, which developed a tool connecting visual content creators and stock platforms, will partner with Getty Images to expand content distribution. The deal includes both Getty Images and iStock, writes The company already had contracts with Adobe Stock, Alamy, Freepik and other world-renowned stock platforms. Armenian Wirestock will cooperate with Getty Images.The…
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