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Sevan Startup Summit 2023

Experience the fusion of nature and technology in a single location. Throughout a span of seven days, Sevan Startup Summit will offer an abundance of networking possibilities, engaging panel discussions, intimate campfire conversations, investment prospects, and numerous other opportunities. Immersed in the wilderness, where individuals collectively navigate challenges, assume responsibility, and absorb the ambiance of the extraordinary, human connections are forged on a deeper level.

The Sevan Startup Summit 2023 (SSS) guarantees that informal collaboration between people of diverse nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds, guided by mentors and business experts, yields exceptional outcomes. It comes as no surprise that the Summit is renowned as an event that fosters the establishment of meaningful human relationships.

Dates of the event: July 23-29, 2023
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Event by: Seaside Startup Summit and Startup Armenia Foundation
Place: Lake Sevan, Daranak village
Date: July 23 – July 29
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The Sevan Startup Summit not only fulfills aspirations through its remarkable event but also propels ambitious entrepreneurs towards the realization of their dreams. It serves as a platform where individuals can gather to acquire knowledge, gain firsthand experiences, foster meaningful connections, and achieve personal and professional development. This summit is specifically designed and organized by entrepreneurs themselves, with a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey, to cater to the needs and aspirations of fellow entrepreneurs.

Starter program

The Starter program in Sevan Startup Summit 2023

The Starter program in Sevan Startup Summit 2023

The Starter program in Sevan Startup Summit 2023 is specifically designed to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs and idea-stage startups. These startups are categorized into tracks based on their industries or technologies, as well as their specific field of activity.

Each track within the program follows a customized incubation and acceleration program, overseen by esteemed mentors and industry experts. The program is tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by startups in their respective fields. This guided process culminates with the startups taking part in industry track battles, where they can showcase their progress and compete within their specific industry track.

Booster program

The Booster Program in Sevan Startup Summit is meticulously designed to serve as an immersive micro-acceleration initiative for startups that have developed an early prototype and have obtained angel funding.

The Booster Program in Sevan Startup Summit

The Booster Program in Sevan Startup Summit

This program is facilitated by international accelerators who provide firsthand expertise and guidance through a hands-on and intensive acceleration experience. Accomplished speakers and mentors contribute to the program, offering invaluable insights and support.

The educational tracks within the Booster Program are structured around the specific technologies in which the startups operate. By aligning with their respective fields, startups can delve deeper into the intricacies of their industry and gain specialized knowledge.

In addition to the primary rewards and recognition, participating Booster Startups have the opportunity to secure investment commitments of approximately $100k from Triple S Ventures. This potential investment serves as an additional incentive for startups, augmenting their growth prospects and financial stability.

Everyone can get a visitor pass on Sevan Startup Summit 2023 paying for the exact day entrance.

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