Apple engineers are working on developing an AI similar to ChatGPT

According to the New York Times, Apple is exploring generative AI ideas that may potentially be used in Siri, despite the underlying problems with the virtual assistant’s architecture. At Apple’s annual AI summit last month, employees were allegedly briefed on the company’s big language model and other AI tools. Members of the Siri team, as well as other Apple engineers, have…
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GPT-4 released and available in ChatGPT & Bing

The latest AI model, GPT-4, has been launched by Open AI. It boasts human-level performance in various professional and academic benchmarks, but its capabilities and limitations are still being explored. Compared to its predecessor, GPT-3.5, GPT-4 is more dependable…
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How global warming drives tech innovations?

Climate change is an ongoing crisis. Planet temperature is rising, having massive consequences, causing storms, hurricanes, floodings, extreme rains, droughts, and wildfires. The Sahara desert is expanding, resulting in dust emissions, intensified heatwaves, and rare rains. We need to take concrete actions to slow down climate change and its negative impacts. Let’s explore how the world can halt…
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Gaming industry growth forecast 

The gaming industry growth forecast was made with the contribution of Arman Mamyan, Chapter lead of IGDA Yerevan and Co-Founder of Game Conference Armenia. Recent updates in the Gaming industry Gaming has so often been painted with the wrong brush — stereotyped as being…
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BuildUp Bootcamp - a gateway to new perspectives

What is BuildUp Bootcamp? BuildUp is a peer-to-peer, product-based technology bootcamp for mid-level specialists, designed to create the next generation of thinkers and makers in Armenia. BuildUp focuses on teaching the participants to think strategically to shift their mindset from developing outsourced products to creating their own ones that will eventually lead Armenia into a marketplace of…
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STARMUS VI - a mega-celebration on tech and innovations in Armenia

STARMUS VI – out of this world science and arts festival of Stephen Hawking and Brian May will kick off from Armenia to Mars STARMUS is a unique festival in the world connecting the brilliant minds from science, education, and technologies, as well as renowned musicians and artists on the same stage to collaborate and to enhance science communication, to popularize it through…
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