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Armenia's Historic Moment: Hayasat-1 Set to Launch into Space

In a groundbreaking achievement for Armenia, the highly anticipated launch of the country’s first domestic satellite, Hayasat-1, is just around the corner. Scheduled for the evening of November 29th, the Falcon-9 rocket by SpaceX will take off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in the USA, carrying with it the dreams and aspirations of a nation reaching for the stars. Hayasat-1 certification…
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See you at Armenia Engineering Week 2023

The team will participate in the Armenia Engineering Week 2023 event series. This annual event, organized by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation and the Engineering Association, aims to showcase the latest advancements in engineering, foster community development…
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On the road with Google Maps: Most effective features for tourists

With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s becoming increasingly likely that the travel industry could undergo significant transformations through innovations like travel NFTs and the metaverse. However, in the present moment, our reliance remains on practical and invaluable tools. Among these, Google Maps stands out as a traveler’s guiding light when navigating unfamiliar…
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Growth of Armenia startup ecosystem

Armenia, a country rich in culture and history, has emerged as a vibrant hub for startups and innovation. In recent years, its startup ecosystem has experienced remarkable growth, attracting attention from around the globe. This blog post will delve into the factors driving…
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Google Bard is available in Armenia

Google Bard is Now Available in Armenia. Google Bard, a large language model from Google AI, is now available in Armenia. Bard can generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way. It is still…
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Google's Bard AI is live now

Google has introduced Bard, an AI chatbot intended to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s chatbot on the Bing search engine. According to a blog post, Bard is an initial AI experiment that aims to boost productivity, speed up idea generation, and encourage curiosity. Bard can be utilized to receive advice, explanations, or creative support in various tasks, including outlining blog…
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Join Go & Flutter Tech Talks at Impact Hub by GDG Yerevan

Join Golang & Flutter Tech Talks at Impact Hub by GDG Yerevan Topics to be covered during the meetup: 1. Golang and Generics: A Gentle Intro (Vachagan Gratian, a Golang developer working for a fraud-detection company. He studied computational linguistics and admires ancient technologies, such as Unix, C and Xorg) Generics were a relatively significant (and certainly controversial) addition to…
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