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Armenia’s Historic Moment: Hayasat-1 Set to Launch into Space

In a groundbreaking achievement for Armenia, the highly anticipated launch of the country’s first domestic satellite, Hayasat-1, is just around the corner. Scheduled for the evening of November 29th, the Falcon-9 rocket by SpaceX will take off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in the USA, carrying with it the dreams and aspirations of a nation reaching for the stars.

Hayasta-1 testing

Hayasat-1 certification by ISISPACE. Image by Bazoomq

The satellite Hayasat-1, proudly bearing the inscription “ARMENIA IN SPACE FOR SCIENCE”, is the culmination of an impressive and efficient effort undertaken by Bazoomq Space Research Laboratory and the Center for Scientific Innovation and Education (CSIE). This remarkable achievement in a relatively short span of time underscores Armenia’s growing presence in the field of space exploration.

The launch, set to take place at 22:00 AMT (Armenian Time), marks not only a significant milestone for the country but also signals the beginning of a new era. Hayasat-1 is the initial step in a series of ambitious plans for Armenia’s foray into space science and technology. The efforts invested in this project foreshadow a future where more complex satellites created in Armenia will join the ranks of celestial explorers.

To make this momentous day unforgettable, the team behind the project has planned a special live stream starting at 20:30 AMT. Viewers can expect an immersive experience, with streaming from different locations, including the USA, providing a unique perspective on the satellite’s journey into the cosmos. The live stream promises surprises aplenty, ensuring that the audience will be part of this historic event from the comfort of their screens.

Facts about Hayasat-1 satellite 🚀

✅ In CubeSat format, measuring 10x10x10 cm.
✅ Armenia’s inaugural domestic satellite.
✅ Scheduled launch on November 29 by SpaceX Falcon-9.
✅ Equipped with sensors gauging light intensity, magnetometers, and more.
✅ Accompanied by a secondary payload providing rotation data.
✅ Pioneering tests for potential international satellite use.
✅ Sends “Kaqavik” (Կաքավիկ) notes to Earth from space 🎶.
✅ Two-way communication facilitated by the “Bazoomq” ground station.

Armenia’s venture into space science with the launch of Hayasat-1 is not just a technological feat but a testament to the nation’s dedication to scientific innovation and exploration. As the countdown to the launch continues, the world eagerly awaits to witness this remarkable achievement and the promising future it signifies for Armenia’s space program.

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