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Eqwefy – a new investment company in Armenia

In a significant development for the Armenian startup ecosystem, eqwefy, a burgeoning financial technology company, has been granted an investment company license by the Central Bank of Armenia. This achievement marks a pivotal expansion in the capabilities of Armenia’s financial sector.

The Central Bank’s approval is a testament to eqwefy’s commitment to high regulatory and operational standards, corporate governance, and a dedication to enhancing the financial landscape. This milestone is the culmination of over eight months of diligent work by the eqwefy team and the collaborative efforts of various partners.

“eqwefy is our gateway to redefining what is possible,” stated the company in a recent announcement. “We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. This has not only reinforced our company’s foundations, but more importantly, also enhanced our ecosystem depth and diversity. As well as added further capabilities to our financial sector.”

The establishment of eqwefy has been supported by private investors, the Angel Investor Club of Armenia, and the ICMPD/European Union. This collaborative support has not only reinforced the company’s foundations but also enhanced the depth and diversity of Armenia’s financial ecosystem.

eqwefy’s mission is to offer innovative investment opportunities and tools, aiming to democratize access to wealth-building prospects. The company encourages the public to join in this transformative journey and embrace the power of Armenian innovation.

As eqwefy embarks on this new chapter, it stands ready to make a substantial impact on the financial sector, promising long-term wealth creation and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

For more information and updates, follow eqwefy on their official website and social media channels.

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