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GPT-4 released and available in ChatGPT & Bing

The latest AI model, GPT-4, has been launched by Open AI. It boasts human-level performance in various professional and academic benchmarks, but its capabilities and limitations are still being explored. Compared to its predecessor, GPT-3.5, GPT-4 is more dependable, inventive, and proficient at interpreting complex directives. OpenAI has implemented numerous modifications to enhance the safety of…
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Future of decentralized finance

Are you ready to dive into the future of decentralized systems? Buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride because we’re thrilled to announce that we’re kicking off the new year by hosting a SmarTalk on this very topic on January 18th, at 7…
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Media and Information Literacy Hackathon - Information session

On November 11, 18:30, an information session will take place on “Media and information literacy Hackathon 2022” at the ISTC Foundation. The Hackathon is being implemented by the Public journalism club jointly with the “Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center” Foundation with the support of the US Department of State Public Diplomacy Section within the framework of the “Media…
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Science and Technology Convergence Conference 2022

An annual conference aimed to promote knowledge exchange, cooperation and technology transfer between academia and industry to boost the economy of Armenia. The conference is a unique opportunity to bring together representatives of academia and the tech industry…
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Product Tank Yerevan, August 18th 2022

Product Tank Yerevan meetup provides an opportunity for Product Managers in Yerevan to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Design, Development and Management, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited. Product Tank meetup details: Venue: AGBU Yerevan – 2/2 Melik-Adamyan 0010 Yerevan, Armenia Date & time: August 18, 2022 at…
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Wordbook - a YouTube assistant made in Armenia

Wordbook provides a YouTube E-Learning Tool that gets captions, defines unknown words, and adds them to a dictionary. Wordbook is the all-in-one solution that will help you learn on YouTube with no distractions. Wordbook is a newly created Armenian project developed within…
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Global Innovation Forum 2022: Life Altering Technologies

FAST (Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology) announced the third annual Global Innovation Forum: “Life-Altering Technologies” GIF22, which will take place from October 5 to 6 in Yerevan, Armenia. With a focus on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts human life on Earth, GIF22 will serve as a top-notch platform for exploring cutting-edge findings on the frontiers of AI from an…
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