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Doing Digital 2023 forum in Yerevan

On April 5, Yerevan will host the inaugural “Doing Digital 2023 – Exploring Digital Future” Forum, organized by SPRING PR Company and co-organized by Ameriabank. The forum aims to showcase the latest trends and best practices in digital transformation, positioning Armenia as a leading digital hub and enhancing the country’s competitiveness. Visa is the event’s innovation partner, and Apricot Capital is the investment partner.

The forum’s keynote speaker is Chris Skinner, a world-renowned expert in fintech and digital transformation, who founded The Finanser Ltd. – a financial services consultancy firm. Skinner has authored several books on financial technology and banking, including “Digital Human”, “Digital Bank”, “The Future of Banking”, and “ValueWeb”.

Chris Skinner - a keynote speaker in Doing Digital 2023 forum in Yerevan

Chris Skinner – a keynote speaker in Doing Digital 2023 forum in Yerevan

Skinner is a regular keynote speaker at industry conferences and events, where he offers his perspectives on the latest fintech advancements and the future of digital transformation. Having Skinner speak at the Doing Digital forum presents a rare opportunity for Armenia.

The forum will convene government officials and professionals from diverse industries such as finance, banking, telecommunications, and technology.

The Doing Digital forum will feature 15+ prominent speakers from both Armenian and international entities such as Forbes, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Visa, Apricot Capital, Hexens, Revytech, Beta Financial Technologies, ICDT Global, as well as the RA Government, SPRING PR Company, and Ameriabank. These speakers will share their insights on digital business and technology through keynote speeches, visionary speeches, and panel discussions.

Event focus

The upcoming event will focus on the ways digital transformation drives business growth and innovation. Participants will learn about strategies for adopting new technologies, gaining a competitive edge, and best practices for managing cyber security risks and protecting data.

The forum’s esteemed speakers and panelists will also explore the latest trends in cryptocurrencies, the Metaverse, and NFTs, highlighting their potential benefits and associated risks.

The event welcomes all individuals interested in digital transformation, including business leaders, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, government officials, as well as PR, marketing, and sales executives.

About organizers of the event

With assets exceeding AMD 1 trillion, Ameriabank is a prominent financial and technology company in Armenia that significantly contributes to the country’s economy. As part of its digital transformation, Ameriabank has introduced several innovative solutions and platforms that go beyond its customers’ traditional banking needs, fostering a dynamic financial technology ecosystem.

SPRING PR is a distinguished PR and research firm established in 2009 that specializes in strategic communication, event coordination, reputation management, and research. The company partners with various local and international organizations of different sizes, including large, medium, and small enterprises, governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, and charitable foundations.

Featured image: Concept of Digital. Photo by Adrien Olichon

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