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Picsart announced its AI Image Generator and AI Writer

The world’s largest creative platform Picsart added an AI Image Generator and AI Writer to create images and copies. Picsart is announcing that as text-to-image generators are growing in popularity, it’s bringing the feature directly into its platform. As with other models, Picsart’s AI Image Generator allows users to create images simply by entering a word, phrase, or paragraph. The AI Image Generator is currently available in the Picsart mobile app for iOS users.

Easy creation of unique images with Picsart AI tools

On Picsart’s all-in-one creative platform, AI isn’t the end game in creativity, it’s just the start. Turn imaginative concepts into breathtaking designs with the Picsart AI-assisted all-in-one editor.

Text to Image generator by Picsart

Text to Image generator by Picsart

All AI-generated images in PicsArt will be tagged as #freetoedit and will be contributed back to the community for free use, says Artavazd Mehrabyan, the CEO of Picsart.

From image enhancement to restoring scenes, it only takes a few taps to transform your designs into museum-worthy works of art. Traditionally, AI tools have been limited to expensive software, but Picsart offers beginner-friendly AI tools so you can create high-quality designs from scratch. Try AI Enhance to create inspiring visual content or tap into our AI copywriting tools for your web content creation needs.

AI Content writer

An AI writer tool offers a digital way of creating content for social media, websites, blogs, landing pages, and much more. Instead of needing to rely on an expensive human copywriter, an AI writing generator can take specific inputs that you want to highlight in your copy, and generate content that is effective, customizable, and purposeful for your needs.

How to use AI writer tools?

How to use AI writer tools?

Picsart offers a variety of specific AI writer tools, including tools to create social media bios, slogans, brief ads, and more. No need to create all of your content completely from scratch, when an AI writer can do the work for you at a fraction of the time and cost. See more here.


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