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Expansion of Sahara desert: what should we expect in nearest future?

We are now witnessing the most dramatic changes worldwide. There is a reality with smart robots, artificial intelligence, and biochips on one side and countries where people don’t have water to drink on the other side. Unfortunately, the disastrous inequality is not the only wrong thing about this world. With rapidly evolving technologies and innovative solutions, we still face critical…
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Ucraft builds global website-builder business with the help of Google Cloud

Ucraft is an easy-to-use website builder for anyone who wants to create a unique and powerful website. We currently have around 1 million users in total, 450K active users and online business owners, bloggers, startups, designers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs grow their brands. And Google Cloud has been there to help us grow our brand every step of the way. Establishing a foothold in the…
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Future of the construction business in Armenia

Construction boom in Armenia: What is the future of construction in Armenia? Like almost all sectors of the economy, the construction sector has suffered significant losses in the last 7 months ․ According to the Statistical Committee, compared to the first five months of…