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Microsoft has introduced AI Copilot feature

Microsoft has introduced AI Copilot functionality across various applications including Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Excel, and Teams. AI features in Microsoft Products All 400 million paid users of Microsoft 365 will now have access to generative AI capabilities provided by OpenAI, enhancing their daily workflows. The upgraded suite includes features such as generating meeting preparation notes…
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Google Wallet in Armenia

Starting from November 15, 2022, 6 Armenian banks are operating contactless payments and transactions with Google Wallet in Armenia. Google Wallet in Armenia since 2022 Nov 15 Google Wallet in Armenia. List of Armenian banks that support Google Pay with Google Wallet in…
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Picsart announced its AI Image Generator and AI Writer

The world’s largest creative platform Picsart added an AI Image Generator and AI Writer to create images and copies. Picsart is announcing that as text-to-image generators are growing in popularity, it’s bringing the feature directly into its platform. As with other models, Picsart’s AI Image Generator allows users to create images simply by entering a word, phrase, or paragraph. The AI…
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Science and Technology Convergence Conference 2022

An annual conference aimed to promote knowledge exchange, cooperation and technology transfer between academia and industry to boost the economy of Armenia. The conference is a unique opportunity to bring together representatives of academia and the tech industry…
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Hexowatch was included in Capterra 2022 ranking shortlist

Hexowatch, online monitoring and notification platform developed by Armenia-based company Hexact, has been included in the 2022 Capterra Shortlist for Data Analysis Software as an emerging favorite for data analytics software solutions. Armenian Hexowatch was included in Capterra 2022 ranking shortlist This rating includes those products that have a high satisfaction rate but are not yet very…
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Armoteca: a new platform for the promotion and export of Armenian products

Haypost – the Armenian postal service operator is launching a new online platform armoteca.com, which aims to make the best Armenian products more recognizable and accessible and organize their delivery to almost 190 countries around the world. Armenian products in Armoteca Armenian wines, sweets, honey, jams from various fruits, canned food, dried fruits, spices, and herbal teas can be…
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