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10Web Booster will optimize page loading speed and website performance

10Web, an Armenian company, providing automation and optimization solutions for websites powered by WordPress, announced its new product called 10Web Booster. It’s presented on the ProductHunt platform and lets any user get a sale for the professional page speed and core web vitals optimization.

10Web Booster is an automated website optimization service that works on any hosting. The Booster ensures your website gets in the top 1% of the world’s fastest loading sites, enhancing the visitors’ user experience, SEO, engagement, and conversion rates no matter what hosting provider hosts your website.

To get started with 10Web Booster:

  • Install and activate the 10Web Booster plugin for FREE
  • Automatically optimize the frontend speed of up to 10 website homepages + 5 inner pages each, free of charge
  • Optimize the full website frontend by switching to 10Web PRO

Product Hunt users will get a 10% discount with PH10 coupon code while upgrading.

You can vote for 10Web Booster on ProductHunt by clicking here.

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