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How to sell in Wildberries from Armenia

Wildberries has launched a direct selling model for local businesses in Armenia.

Wildberries plans to hold an online webinar for Armenian businessmen to inform them about the benefits of the opportunities of the online trading platform in Armenia, how to answer and to clarify participants’ questions.

To participate in the webinar, you need to register in the Telegram chat using this link.

During the webinar, businessmen will get acquainted with:

  • How to become a Wildberry trader (step by step guide)
  • How to create a product card – make a photo-video contact for it
  • How to deliver the goods to the warehouse?
  • Differences between offline shopping and online shopping ինչի What to look for when working with the marketplace
  • Terms of cooperation with the platform of Wildberries in Armenia

Wildberries opened the company’s first logistics center in Armenia, which will allow local businesses to start direct sales of goods on the online platform.

At the first stage, the “Market Place” sales model will be available to Armenian entrepreneurs only within the country․ In the future, the geography will expand at the expense of other countries, including Russia.

The capabilities of the platform will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Armenia.

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