Workshop SEO Trends & signals 2022 in Vanadzor VTC

Business visibility and growth in search engines. Important checklist for 2022.

SEO is one of the most important marketing segments for a business, and not focusing on it today means giving away a significant portion of your audience to your competitors.

SEO Trends 2022-2023 Workshop by Vardan Papikyan

SEO Trends 2022-2023 Workshop by Vardan Papikyan in VTC

2022 On September 17, at Vanadzor Technology Center, Vardan Papikyan will give a master class “SEO trends and impulses 2022”, during which the following topics will be presented:

  • Impact of SEO for fusiness promotion: a brief review
  • TOP 5 SEO drivers to focus on
  • Trends in SEO: near future transformations in SEO

Vardan Papikyan is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) consultant-specialist, SEO blogger, founder of Neomedia company and techno-platform, coordinates GDG Yerevan community, as well as SEO and content manager of BeeGraphy corp.

The master class is intended for both professionals involved in business and people interested in SEO. Participation is free for everyone.

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