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Digest 16/04/22: Google Lens, Chrome, YouTube Shorts and more…

Google Lens for desktop Chrome just got a whole lot more useful

You can copy text, translate phrases, and even directly open an image search

Google has been working to integrate Lens into many other apps to help users quickly find relevant information about images. The tool has been a part of the Google Chrome mobile app since 2019 as the de facto way to perform image searches. Lens eventually arrived in desktop Chrome as a direct replacement for the right-click reverse image search. Now, it’s getting updated to do more than just search for images.

Google Lens

Google Lens. Image by Android Police

When Lens first arrived on desktop Chrome, right-clicking on an image brought up a “Search image with Google Lens” option. When clicked, you were taken to a lens.google.com/search website with the image in question on the left (complete with the ability to crop and focus), while the generated results appeared on the right. With the new update, the left column with the image now gives you three new options: Search, Text, and Translate, according to 9to5Google.

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Why You Need to Update Google Chrome As Soon As You Can…Again

Another zero-day vulnerability is threatening Chrome users.

If you think you’re experiencing deja vu after reading this headline, you’re not: Google has reported another zero-day vulnerability affecting Chrome, and, by extension, all of its users. Luckily, there’s now a patch: Google issued a security report Thursday, April 14, stating the company had updated Chrome to a new build, 100.0.4896.127, to address this newly discovered flaw.

Chrome browser.

Chrome browser. Photo: monticello (Shutterstock)

What’s the latest Google Chrome security vulnerability?
The flaw, identified as CVE-2022-1364, is a type confusion vulnerability in the V8 JavaScript engine. This particular issue occurs when a piece of code doesn’t check an object’s type before using it. Usually, that type confusion simply crashes the browser, but when identified, bad actors can exploit the flaw. It was reported by Clément Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group on Wednesday, April 13, meaning Google patched the issue within 24 hours.

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YouTube Shorts now allows creators to splice in long-form videos

Creators can use clips from YouTube’s billions of videos in their own content

Creators making YouTube Shorts will now be able to use video clips from billions of YouTube videos in new Shorts, the company announced today in a blog post.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

In YouTube Shorts — the company’s TikTok clone — creators were previously only able to splice short audio clips from other videos on the platform. This most recent update will allow users to clip 1- to 5-second segments from eligible long-form videos and Shorts to use in new short-form content.

When a new Short is created with a clip from an existing video, the original video is credited via a link. The library of videos available for remixing is vast, though creators have the option to exclude their content from being remixed, and videos with a copyright claim or set to private can’t be sampled. The video remixing feature is rolling out to iOS users in the coming weeks, with Android following later this year.

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