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Ascensio System SIA, a Latvian company, opens a branch in Yerevan

Ascensio System SIA, a Latvian company behind ONLYOFFICE, opens a branch in Yerevan

Ascensio Systems LLC meets Armenian tech community

Ascensio System, a company behind ONLYOFFICE,  opens a branch in Yerevan, Armenia, to welcome new international team members and discover a brand new path towards the Armenian and neighboring markets – Ascensio Systems LLC.

With company offices in Latvia, USA, UK, Singapore, and Uzbekistan, and a community of partners, contributors, and resellers, ONLYOFFICE has become a trusted choice for over 10 million users worldwide. 

“We take a certain pride in enabling transparent, open-source solutions that are very much in contrast to those offered by the tech giants of this world,” commented Galina Godukhina, Head of Sales at ONLYOFFICE. “ONLYOFFICE originated in Latvia. We intended the project to be international in flavor, and we see that reflected in our diverse user base. That’s why we seek new talents and opportunities in every part of the world to become a part of our big family.”

Launching a branch in Armenia opens a new chapter in the project’s history. Ascensio Systems LLC aims at connecting both young specialists and seasoned professionals to growth in the international open-source software industry, and technology providers to established, versatile product portfolio.

Welcoming new customer care talent in Armenia

As Armenia is a world-famous hub for growing high-profile technical support specialists, Ascensio System decided to launch and independent company in Yerevan that will focus on customer care and training services.


Ascensio Systems LLC helps worldwide customers, from small local businesses to large enterprises and government offices successfully implement and use ONLYOFFCE products. Broad range of professional services includes product training, technical troubleshooting, partner communication and support for the end customers.

Support channels include phone communication, email, and educational trainings and demonstrations through videoconferencing. Including in-person training practices for customers and partners to the portfolio is considered for the future roadmap.

Levels of technical support services include four tiers: 

  • First-level support for dealing with casual help requests.
  • Second-level support for assistance with critical issues.
  • Third-level support for individual issues that require collaboration with developer team.
  • Premium support for customers that need dedicated team assistance throughout the whole implementation and usage cycle.

Ascensio Systems LLC adopts remote and hybrid working models, with all employees working remotely from preferred locations with regular in-person meetings in a collaborative space.

Open for partnerships

Sustainable growth of ONLYOFFICE worldwide would be impossible without its network of partners and resellers who help integrate, customize, localize, and distribute collaborative solutions in every corner of the world.

Ascensio System is open for partnership in the technical sphere, offering collaboration on fair grounds with local companies who are ready to customize, integrate, and implement ONLYOFFICE in their collaborative cloud environments.


Ascensio System SIA is a company behind ONLYOFFICE, an open-source office suite that turned 12 on July 7, 2022. During those 12 years, the project grew from an internal collaboration tool for a single team to a family of office apps used by millions on their personal computers, mobile devices, local networks, and in the cloud. 

ONLYOFFICE features collaborative online editing tools for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and online forms. As of today, is integrated in over 30 popular platforms including Nextcloud, ownCloud, Jira, Redmine, and SharePoint, and used as a component in hundreds of enterprise services and web applications.

The ONLYOFFICE Workspace collaboration platform supplies users with all the tools for their daily business tasks — these include managing documents, project planning and scheduling, client relations, and email. This versatile platform can be used in the public cloud as well as launched on a private network.

ONLYOFFICE customers include big names in manufacturing, education, finance, and law sectors, as well as government offices in Europe, APAC, and other regions: ORACLE, Fujitsu, Suzuki, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Academy of Lille, University of Bremen, Ministry of the Interior of France, Thomson Reuters, Deloitte, and more.

List of available jobs in all regions available here.

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