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IT education centers in Armenia: Starting IT career in Armenia

Where to learn IT skills to become a tech specialist in Armenia?

The Armenian tech industry keeps hitting new milestones. We are seeing more breakthrough ideas coming into life, growing demand for IT specialists, new education and career possibilities, and other achievements. Armenia has become an important part of the world’s digital transformation, and the tech sector has become one of the main drivers of the country’s economy. 

According to a report by the U.S. Department of State, the industry has received considerable foreign investments. A growing number of high-tech companies have established branches or subsidiaries in Armenia to take advantage of the country’s pool of qualified specialists in electrical and computer engineering, optical engineering, and software design. 

Armenian startups and IT developments in 2020-2023 

The Armenian information and technology sector has been affected by internal and external factors such as political events, technological advancements, meetups, global pandemics, etc. Armenia now is one of the fastest growing small countries with great development perspectives in the world. Even in the most difficult times for the country, the tech industry has been a path for economic growth and positive perspectives. The developments have made the country a new crossroad in the tech industry, where steady growth is one of the top priorities. 

In 2022, Armenia is a popular place for relocation. The number of people deciding to move to Armenia has increased significantly as a result of the new global realities which started since 2022 February. Many expats are specialized in the tech industry. 

Armenia tech industry

Armenia, being a landlocked country and having closed borders on both sides, has been able to create a technological environment where innovative companies are able to develop without obstacles and attract both investments and large numbers of relocators from different countries. Image credit: Shutterstock.

Coming to the country, foreign citizens can find benefits such as relatively low costs of living, state support, and a favorable business environment. The growing number of foreign companies registering in Armenia creates new jobs and affects economic growth. At the same time, exchange between skills and experience opens new opportunities for development and creation. 

Another central part of the Armenian tech culture is startups. Some of them started in the Armenian Diaspora and others originated in Armenia. These rising companies have turned heads and gained popularity. Among them are Service Titan, Sololearn, Picsart, Krisp, CodeSignal, Podcastle AI, Hexact, CoinStats, Wirestock, BeeGraphy, Shadowmatic, Zoomerang, The Crowdfunding Formula, and others.

How is it going with tech education in Armenia?

Currently, the number of companies operating in the Armenian ICT space is more than 1,000 and they employ more than 20,000 workers generating over one billion dollars annually. The industry is growing 20% yearly. 

Along with the rapid developments, the demand for skillful specialists is growing. As it’s essential to keep up with the fast growth, education is one of the main focuses of the sector. Various programs for beginners as well as experienced specialists have been created to help them be competitive and be a part of successful projects. 

If you have decided to get into the information technology sector, there are plenty of opportunities for you to consider. Currently, what matters the most is the desire to learn, the hard work, and the career potential. You can become a competitive specialist with or without a university degree. More often, companies are looking for team members who can do the job well whether they have a diploma or not.

10+ educational centers in Armenia offering Computer Science and IT courses 

Studying at Armenian educational centers to become a tech specialist has a number of benefits such as a wide range of integrated educational programs, scholarship and freeship opportunities, courses for foreign citizens, collaboration with other institutions, etc. The time and cost of education programs vary. For example, a bachelor’s degree typically requires four years of study, a Master’s degree takes 2 years, and a doctoral degree lasts for 2-3 years. 

Computer Science Student With Laptop

IT and computer science education in Armenia is becoming increasingly accessible, which is related to the high demand for professionals in this field and the great development of IT businesses. Image by PixMeta Studio

There are also ways to become a tech expert without higher education. This includes taking courses, practicing, getting certified, participating in an internship, and networking.

Here are 10+ of the many faculties and teaching centers offering tech-related courses that can help you on your way to building your IT career in Armenia:

Universities with IT educational faculties in Armenia

  • National Polytechnic University of Armenia 

Established in 1933, NPUA is a technical university located in Yerevan which provides pre-higher, higher, and post-higher education. The university has branches in Gyumri, Vanadzor, and Kapan. It offers a number of modern technological programs such as Cyber Security, Computer Architecture, Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Informatics and Applied Mathematics (Computer Science), Mechatronics and Robotics, and others. 

Annual tuition varies from 330,000 AMD to 678,000 AMD based on the faculty. 

  • Yerevan State University 

This is the largest and the oldest university in Armenia founded in 1919. YSU also has a branch in Ijevan. Faculties to study computer-related technologies here are Applied Statistics and Data Science, Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Information Security, Information Systems Development, and others. Tuition costs from 540,000,000 AMD to 1,000,000 AMD depending on the degree level and faculty. 

  • American University of Armenia 

AUA is affiliated with the University of California. It was founded in 1991 in Yerevan. Classes are in English and applicants need to present test results of TOEFL with a score of at least 79 or IELTS with a score of at least 6.0 received within two years of the application date. American University offers study options including undergraduate, graduate, non-degree, certificate, study abroad, and summer programs. For people with the goal to become a tech specialist, it presents the “Computer and Information Science Program.” For Armenian citizens, the tuition fee is around 1,700,000 AMD, and for international students, it is 3,700,000 AMD. 

  • Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University 

Russian-Armenian University in Yerevan

Russian-Armenian University in Yerevan

The Slavonic University was established in 1997 based on an agreement between the Armenian and Russian governments. RAU has 8 institutes, and one of them is the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. The university offers IT programs focused on digital project management, software application development in Python, IT consulting, Linux system and network administration, and others. Tuition for full-time education is around 500,000 AMD – 1,000,000 AMD. 

  • French University in Armenia (Université Française en Arménie, UFAR)

This university was founded in 1995 as part of the cooperation between Armenia and France. Graduates receive two diplomas; one from the French University in Armenia and the other from the University of France Jean Moulin Lyon 3. 

In 2018, UFAR opened the Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in partnership with Paul Sabatier University (aka Toulouse III). Study fees vary between 1,055,000 and 1,160,000 AMD. 

Tech and IT educational centers in Armenia

  • Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia 

MIC Armenia implements different projects and activities, including training, coding bootcamps, startup-focused programs, competitions, and other initiatives. The center was founded in 2011 by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Microsoft Corporation, and EIF (Enterprise Incubator Foundation). It offers various technological and non-technological courses, including Programming Fundamentals, Web Programming, Quality Assurance, UI/UX Design, and others. Training costs and durations vary. 

  • Armenian Code Academy

ACA – Armenian Code Academy educational institution offers various types of training and coding bootcamps for students with different career goals. In addition to programming courses, there are also ones to cover other professions. Here you can find online and offline programs on JavaScript, Python, UI/UX design, IT Project Management, Data Analytics, etc.

  • Picsart Academy 

Picsart Academy has provided free tech education programs since 2016. It was established by the tech company Picsart with the aim to educate engineers that will get hired by international companies. In February 2022, the company bought the learning platform Code Republic. Picsart Academy offers beginner and advanced courses along with practical experience in an engineering-oriented environment. Students can learn Frontend Web Development, Data Engineering, DevOps, Product Management, and other skills. Admissions are open in particular months of the year. 

Picsart Academy also has a YouTube Channel where you can watch some lessons. 

  • Armenian-Indian Center of Excellence

The Armenian-Indian ICT Center of Excellence is a joint project established by the Government of Armenia and the Government of India, which is implemented by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (Armenia) and the C-DAC Center (India). The Armenian-Indian Center of Excellence is located at Yerevan State University and organizes both short-term and long-term courses for various target groups. students, professionals, professors or anyone who is interested and willing to learn can attend the courses.

The center has been operating since November 7, 2011.

The program implements:

  • Organization of IT courses
  • Training of lecturers
  • Exchange programs
  • Promotion of joint research projects
  • Business Development Group 

Established in 2019, BDG offers courses for different levels. Here students can learn programming, marketing, project management, HR management, Quality assurance, DevOps, and more. Courses usually take 3 months or less. 

  • DiGi School 

DiGi School provides different digital-related courses including programming, marketing, automation, design, and more. Their duration varies from 1 month to 6 months. There are both group and individual classes. 

  •  Basic IT

Founded in 2015, Basic IT offers learning opportunities for many modern and in-demand professions. Among the courses by the center are Programming, IT Recruitment, Graphic Design, iOS Development, and more. 

  • SmartCode

SmartCode programming training company organizes and implements programming courses, particularly in web programming, Javascript, React JS, PH, Python and other specializations.

  • 42 Yerevan International Coding School

42 Yerevan is a tuition-free programming school designed to train coders among different age groups of students. This is an initiative of the EU-supported TUMO Labs, the educational program within the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science. 42 Yerevan is a part of the network of France-based programming schools, with locations in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and 26 other cities around the world.

  • Synopsys Armenia Education Department (SAED)

Synopsys has developed different educational programs in Armenia. In collaboration with universities, the company is expanding engineering programs into all

aspects of system-on-chip (SoC) design and software engineering. Other courses by the company are the high-school program STEP, on-demand training, and internships.

IT-related education for young people and students

  • Armath Engineering Labs

Armath Engineering Labs Founded in 2014, Armath makes robotic laboratories available in all regions of Armenia to help young learners aged 10-18 get free education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). As of 2022, 626 laboratories operate in Armenia, Artsakh, Georgia, and India.

  • TUMO Center for Creative Technologies 

TUMO Center, Yerevan, Armenia

TUMO Center, Yerevan, Armenia | Image credit:

TUMO is another educational program for teenagers in Armenia. It offers self-learning activities, workshops, and project labs focused on 14 targets, including animation, game development, web development, 3D modeling, programming, graphic design, etc. Currently, TUMO is present in Yerevan, Dilijan, Gyumri, and Stepanakert. It also has centers outside of Armenia, including Paris, Beirut, Moscow, and others.

As an additional hint, we would also like to mention Ruben Meschian’s YouTube channel, where any beginner can learn the Javascript programming language with the help of video tutorials.

Why pursue a career in IT in Armenia? 

The tech industry offers opportunities for people interested in different areas; development, design, culture management, writing, public relations, and more. Jobs in the industry are increasing and there’s a growing demand for specialists of different levels from juniors to seniors. There are plenty of options to improve your qualifications and have career growth. 

By joining the industry and contributing your skills, ideas, and knowledge, you can be the next specialist who makes a difference. 

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