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Yerevan to host the Emerge Conference 2022 in June 1-2

EMERGE is one of the top tech conferences in the world where local talents & creative ideas across the tech industry meet global investors. The international tech conference that brings together the most promising startups, talent, and ecosystem players from the New East region. This year, you will have 150+ investors to pitch your ideas to!

EMERGE 2022 will be held in the hybrid format: URL and IRL in Yerevan — one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities! Armenia is the top place with an exciting past, fabulous cuisine, and breathtaking views… But these are not all the benefits that can boost your excitement!

Advantages of the EMERGE conference 2022 in Yerevan

Direct flights to Yerevan from Moscow, Minsk, Tbilisi, Larnaca, Vilnius, Riga, Vienna, Dubai, and more.
Visa-free entry: Armenia has a visa-free regime for 63 countries.
No PCR test and vaccination needed from May 01, 2022.
Inspiring future and lots of sights to see in Yerevan.

Industry tracks in EMERGE Conference 2022 Yerevan

Fintech: Mobile banking, mobile payments, insurance, trading, AI systems for structuring conductives, etc.
B2B: SaaS, HRtech, MarTech, data analytics, automation, infrastructure development – data center & networking solutions, energy efficiency, AIOps, etc.
Consumer and marketplaces: B2C, creator economy and D2C, innovative and scalable consumer goods, marketplaces, peer-to-peer, etc.
Industrial: Logistics, manufacturing, IoT, сonstruction, etc.
HealthTech and wellbeing: Mobile health apps, electronic health records, electronic medical records, wearable devices, telehealth and telemedicine, personalised medicine, mental health apps, sleep, etc.
EdTech: New channels of communication with users, gamification in education, learning analytics systems, AR/VR technologies, anti-fraud, quality assessment of educational content, etc.
Cyber Security: Critical infrastructure cybersecurity, network security, cloud security, IoT security, application security, physical security, etc.
ClimateTech: Improvement of environmental sustainability, waste management, Energy storage, alternative protein, sustainable tourism, etc.
DeepTech: Advanced materials, biotechnologies, robotics, quantum computing, aerospace, food & agriculture, medtech, mobility, smart city, etc.
Web3.0 and crypto: Liquid tokens and digital assets, infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, gaming, DAOs, dapps, metaverse, etc.

Pitch to the Demium team: chance for startups in early-growing stage

10 selected pre-seed participants of the EMERGE Challenge will be given the opportunity to pitch to the Demium team.

If convincing, the project will obtain Demium’s assistance prior going to our Fund. Demium invests in early-stage startups that look for their first ticket – with a €100k euros initial investment, and a follow-up of up to €500k euros.

Pitch to the Demium team: chance for startups in early-growing stage

Startups raised more than €5mln of investments at the EMERGE conference 2021! For reference, VOCHI raised a $1.3mln round from – more than €300k round from  AngelsBandAngelsdeckRiver Venture PartnersCrosspingIron Wolf Capital, and Andata raised a $900k round from Starta CapitalAngelsdeck club members and private angel venture investors at EMERGE.

Official website of the EMERGE Conference 2022:

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