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Yerevan coworking spaces for freelancers and teams

The infrastructure of Yerevan coworking spaces has grown significantly over the past 2-3 years, and now the variety of Yerevan coworking spaces has only a positive effect on the life and work efficiency of freelancers and remote workers, whose number, by the way, is growing in parallel with the growth of technology and innovation companies in Armenia.

Yerevan coworking spaces

Yerevan coworking spaces. The first coworking space in Yerevan was Aeon.

When did the first coworking appear?

First applied in 2005 in the United States, coworking is a shared working space with all the necessary equipment for multiple people to work simultaneously. Ten years later, the model was adopted in Armenia, gaining more popularity day by day. Our observations showed that the first coworking in Yerevan was the place called Aeon. First, it was located in Teryan street, now it’s moved to Bayron street.

Who are the customers of coworking spaces?

Today, the main driving force of coworking popularity is the rising number of IT professionals, freelancers, and remote workers. The remote model started going viral after the global pandemic when we were all locked up at home. After the pandemic, many companies kept a remote-first working model advising the teams to work from home or in coworking spaces. Thousands of professionals started looking for a suitable place to work, chill, and socialize. Long story short, the demand determined supply, and now we have close to 100 coworking spaces. To show you what we have got today, we randomly picked 10 coworking spaces in Yerevan that may be helpful for those seeking new venues.

Hereby we present Yerevan coworking spaces, from which you can choose the option that suits you for freelance or remote work and meetings.

256 HUB

Location – 1/3 Tsitsernakaberd Highway, Yerevan
Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday 09:00 am – 11:30 pm
Sunday 09:30 am – 11:30 pm
Hot Desk – 3000 AMD (1 day), 15.000 AMD (1 week), 35.000 AMD (1 month)

256 Hub coworking in Yerevan

256 Hub coworking in Yerevan

256 HUB is an all-in-one coworking space for IT specialists and teams who are looking for a comfortable and suitable place to organize a smooth workflow. 

The territory is equipped with high-speed WiFi, heating and conditioning, a separate chill-out area, and an outdoor terrace. Members can use the kitchen and onsite restaurant (Paleo, vegan, halal, vegetarian, gluten-free menu). 

The space has two meeting rooms for 8 and 17 people, which can be booked in advance, a podcasting room, and a phone booth. The members also have personal lockers. 

Impact Hub Yerevan

Location – 80 Tigran Mets Avenue, Yerevan
Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 24 Hours
Saturday – Sunday Closed
Hot desk – 5000 AMD (1 day)

For already 7 years now, Impact Hub has been a popular venue and member-based network for startups, NGOs, and freelancers who have chosen it for its location, comfort, and professional atmosphere. 

Besides providing space, it acts as a social innovation incubator supporting social impact projects contributing to Armenia’s social change. Impact Hub provides education programs, networking, resources, and events to promote the social projects of the members.

For comfortable coworking, the space has everything; high-speed WiFi, a lounge zone, heating, air conditioning, kitchen with free drinking water, tea, and coffee. 

P.S. you can have a one-time visit without any commitment to see if you like it.

LOFT Coworking

Location – 3 Moskovyan Street, Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Sunday 24/7
Hot desk – 4500 AMD (1 day), 60.000 AMD (1 month)

So far, one of the most popular platforms for different events is LOFT. It is also a popular coworking space for startup initiatives, acceleration programs, and innovative companies. It is a wonderful place for networking, brainstorming, and idea-generating.

The members are provided with all necessary amenities for comfortable work: high-speed WiFi, a lounge area with ping pong tables, kitchen with complimentary coffee and tea. Besides the main working area, the platform has skype booths and a business meeting room.

BŪRO Work n Roll

Location – 7/1 Nalbandyan str, Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Sunday 10 am – 7 pm

The BURO work'n roll co-working in Yerevan

The BURO work’n roll co-working in Yerevan. Image from

Būro Networking is a great place for teams who want to change the office atmosphere with more relaxed vibes, or hold a special event or business meeting. It is not a traditional coworking space like the other names mentioned on the list but a great place to visit with your team. 

Members can access computers, sound and video recording equipment, printers, scanners, personal lockers, Skype booths, and unlimited Armenian coffee.

Hero House Yerevan

Location – 2a Barbusse Street, Yerevan
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat – 24 Hours
Sun – Closed
Hot desk – 30.000 AMD (1 month)

Hero House co-working space in Yerevan

Hero House co-working space in Yerevan. Image from

Relatively new, Hero House attracts with its creative atmosphere for freelancers and startup teams. At the moment, it is home to Armenia Startup Academy pre-acceleration program, SmartGateML, Quantum Computing, yLedger blockchain development consortium, and SmartHateVC seed venture capital fund. In other words, being a Hero House member means being in the center of the IT ecosystem. 

It is equipped with comfortable beanbags, high-speed WiFi, a chill-out zone, kitchen with free drinking water and coffee. 

ISTC Foundation

Location – 1/7 Alek Manukyan Street, Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Friday 10 am – 10 pm
Sunday closed
Hot desk –  55.000 (1 month)

Located on the campus of Yerevan State University, the Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center is a great place for innovation enthusiasts to gather, work, and socialize. 

The coworking space has two meeting rooms for 10 people, a large balcony and separate resting zone, a big kitchen with complimentary coffee and tea, necessary equipment for presentations and meetings, etc. 

The Look

Location – 42 Arami Street, Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Sunday 10 am – 10 pm
Hot desk –  3000AMD (1 day), 40.000 (1 month)

The Look coworking in Yerevan

The Look coworking in Yerevan. Image from The Look Facebook page

With its outdoor space, the Look is a popular place to work and chill during the summer months. It has everything you need for comfort, including complimentary tea and coffee, event space, and co-living accommodation. The Look is dog-friendly, so you can always meet fluffs to cuddle. 

Team Time

Location – 10 Zakyan Street, Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Friday 11 am – 10 pm
Saturday 11 am – 9:30 pm
Sunday 6 pm – 11 pm
Hot desk –  600 AMD (1 hour), 1500 (4 hours), 2500 (8 hours)

Team Time coworking in Yerevan

Team Time coworking in Yerevan. Image from Team Time Facebook page

More popular with its social events, Team Time is also a great coworking space for individuals and teams to work in a comfortable place. 

The platform has two meeting rooms with 12 and 15 people capacity, all necessary equipment, an outdoor terrace and beanbags to chill, and a catering kitchen with complimentary coffee and tea.

Aeon Time & Space

Location – Bayron 8a Street, Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Sunday 10 am – 12 am
Hot desk – 6000 (1 day), 70.000 (1 month)

Aeon time and space coworking in Yerevan

Aeon time and space coworking in Yerevan

Small but very cozy Aeon coworking and open space may become your favorite place to combine work with networking and fun. By the way, Aeon time-cafe is dog and cat friendly, so you can always bring your pet and make the working process really enjoyable. 

P.S. You will have unlimited cookies, coffee, and snacks.

Yerevan Coworking

Location – 74 Teryan Street Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Sunday 10 am – 10 pm
Hot desk –  4000AMD (1 day), 55.000 (1 month)

Yerevan Coworking space

Yerevan Coworking space. Image from

Last but not the least name on our list is a new venue with a new approach to the already traditional model. The platform allows individuals and teams to enjoy time with convenient working and lounge zones. 

Besides open space, Yerevan Coworking has separate meeting rooms and private offices. 

ICA Co-Working Yerevan

Location – 47 Avet Avetisyan Street, Yerevan
Opening hours
Monday – Saturday 10 am – 8 pm
Hot desk –  1000 AMD (1 hour), 3000 AMD (1 day), 12.000 AMD (1 week), 45.000 AMD (1 month)

ICA Co-working in Yerevan, Armenia

ICA Co-Working in Yerevan, Armenia. Image by ICA Co-Working

ICA Co-Working offers a brand new working environment 10 minutes away from Barekamutyun metro station. The first visit to the co-working space is free.

ICA Co-Working prices include:
– Three working areas (open space, library, meeting room)
– Unlimited tea & coffee
– Self-service kitchen
– High-speed internet
– Print/copy/scan

Why do we love coworking spaces?

Of course, you can always run into a random cafe with your laptop, put on your headphones, and work for a couple of hours, but you may be distracted by other guests and waiters running back and forth. You can also stay at home and work from the comfort of your home, but there is a good chance you will be distracted even more with kids (if there are such) and pets (if there are such).

If you don’t have kids or pets, you will definitely be distracted by regular visits to the fridge to check how it is going and what you can have for a quick snack. Believe me, I was in lockdown for three months, and I know how it feels like working from home. While a coworking space has an ideal balance, it is not an office with strict rules and is not your house. Coworking is perfect for meetings, calls, working comfortably, and even procrastinating. 

The list of Yerevan coworkings designed by randomly picked places without any promotional intentions. If we missed your coworking and you think we should fix that mistake, contact us or send the story about your institution, and we’ll publish it on with great enjoy!

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