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ID.2 ALL – a compact and low-cost electric car by Volkswagen

Volkswagen has announced its ambition to dominate the sub-£22,000 electric car market by revealing a new concept car named ID. 2all. The model is set to be produced in 2025 and is part of a series of 10 new electric cars planned for launch by 2026. If Volkswagen can offer the car at its anticipated price, it is likely to be very popular. The ID. 2all was showcased at a special event in Hannover, Germany and is expected to be named ID.2 when released.

It will be constructed using the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, which is a flexible platform that can accommodate a range of body types. The smaller version of the MEB platform, known as MEB Entry, will be used by other Volkswagen Group brands, including Škoda and Cupra.

VW ID.2 All Electric Car

VW ID.2 All Electric Car

The ID.2 has the potential to bring electric driving to the masses, and the design of the car is a topic of discussion among experts and enthusiasts. Tom and Tomi analyze the ID.2 in detail and invite readers to share their opinions on whether Volkswagen has taken a step back or introduced an outstanding design.

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