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Several job positions are opened in Armath engineering labs

Armath Laboratories is looking for conductors/coaches to manage its school laboratories in different parts of Armenia. To see the details and join the big team of Armath click here >

The Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises announces the launch of the recruitment process of coaches for the Armath Engineering Laboratories. Immense dedication and willingness to work with children are required.

Coach for the Armath Engineering Laboratories

Age: 18 and above

Job description

The coaches are required to organize their classes at the Armath Engineering Laboratories located at schools. Teaching takes place 6 hours weekly; divided in the course of 2 or 3 days. Armath Engineering Laboratories are organized in the format of extracurricular clubs. The coaches are required to introduce the following disciplines; computer programming, robotics, operating microcontroller boards, 3D modeling, and operating the 3D printer and CNC/Laser machine. The abovementioned disciplines are introduced through project-based materials.

Job position in Armath engineering laboratories

Job position in Armath engineering laboratories

In 2022, 626 engineering laboratories operate in the territory of Armenia, Artsakh, Georgia, and India. Around 17 000 students get free engineering education.

  • 84% of Armath students were admitted to the University
  • 39% were working and studying
  • 45% of employed students were involved in programming, 29% were involved in other areas of IT sector and the rest were involved in engineering and technical jobs
  • 12% of employed students have founded startups
  • the salaries of employed or start-up-founded students were between AMD 50,000 and 300,000, averaging AMD132,561.

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