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Invitation to Yeghiazaryan Cup 2022 Programmers Contest

Do you like competitive programming? Are you participating in local and international programming contests?

Organizers of the challenge are inviting you to participate in the Armenian Open Contest of Programming after Vladimir Yeghiazaryan. Yeghiazaryan Cup 2022 aims to bring together programmers of all generations in Armenia on one platform.

Invitation to Yeghiazaryan Cup 2022 Programmers Contest

Invitation to Yeghiazaryan Cup 2022 Programmers Contest organized by EIF, RAU and CodeSignal

Programmers of all levels (students and experienced specialists) can apply. Problems will not only be in the algorithmic (ICPC) style but also require different programming skills needed during day-to-day work at IT organizations. The following languages ​​will be available for solving the problems: C ++, Java, Python 2/3, C #, C, Kotlin, Ruby, and PHP.

📍 Venue: Russian-Armenian University
🗓 Date: 22nd of May, 2022
🏆 The winners will receive prizes!
✅ The organizers are Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University (RAU), Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), OneMarketData and CodeSignal.
Teams of two can apply to participate by filling in the following form. The deadline to apply is the 15th of May.
Official page of the event on Facebook.

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