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Gathering Armenian tech communities in one directory

In parallel with the recent development of the technological ecosystem in Armenia, the demand for the formation of technological communities is also growing.

There are both local and foreign technological communities in Armenia, which provide various activities in the technological life of Armenia. The activities of these communities have a significant impact on the Armenian techno-society, and our goal is to unite all the technology communities on one platform and facilitate the process of finding information about the communities.

Why do we collect tech community information?

The directory of Armenian technological communities aims to cooperate with all technological communities operating in Armenia, publicize data on their activities and significance, Contribute to the development and growth of the Armenian technological ecosystem and infrastructure, as well as to involve more specialists in the communities.

Registration in the directory is free and does not imply any obligation. Once you have registered community information, the community information card will be posted indefinitely on the platform, being available to Internet visitors from Armenia and abroad. The cooperation between our site and techno-communities can also include publishing tech-related articles, events, meetings and other contextual content in the news feed.

Joining Armenian tech communities directory

You can add data of the tech community by filling out this form. Does not matter what is the status and legal form of your community. Only the level of activity is important. Our team will quickly review your registration details and publish the community card in our catalog. In case of questions, we will contact you through the contacts you mentioned.

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Add tech community

The directory of Armenian technological communities does not imply any commercial purposes. By adding information about your community in directory, you agree to make the information available to our site visitors and search engines.

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