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EMERGE 2022 Challenge Winners & 100 Report

Overall, EMERGE 2022 gathered almost 3,000 participants from 43 countries. Top-5 are Armenia, Russia, the US, Cyprus, and Estonia.

EMERGE 2022 Story by Peproneh Badalyan

The conference kicked off on June 1st, in one of the cultural centers of Yerevan – Sundukyan theater, in the very heart of the capital of Armenia. For two days, the theater turned into a real techno hub, reminiscent of bee hives, with the most incredible concentration of techno-geeks from Western and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Central Asia. Read the full story »

EMERGE Challenge winners

This year EMERGE had 250+ startups among the conference’s attendees, and around 140 of them competed in the pithing competition in different industries tracks.

Winners within nine tracks:

  • HealthTechWay2AR (Armenia), a solution to make medical data visible through AR/VR tech for pharma marketing, doctors’ education and patient therapy;
  • EdTechLiveBoard (US), a whiteboard app for online tutors and other educators;
  • DeepTechOxygenTech (UK), a real-time AI-driven X-ray classifier;
  • B2C & MarketplacesBrickit (US), an app that helps build something new from existing Lego parts;
  • B2BAnania (US), an AI-powered self-service analytics platform that allows users to ask analytical questions in plain English and get answers instantly;
  • E-commerceCopyMonkey (Latvia), a SaaS that helps Amazon merchants create optimized product content with AI;
  • FinTechEnty (Estonia), a single control panel for all boring back-office operations;
  • HRTechHintEd (US), a platform that helps companies in increasing their productivity by making employee training for enterprise software efficient;
  • Creative Tech & Marketing TechNeuroDub (Netherlands), a technology that localizes video content with automated voice-over translation.

EMERGE 100 Report

EMERGE 100 Report, powered by Microsoft and Mindrock VC, is dedicated to the most promising startups of the New East region, the focal for the EMERGE tech conference. Since 2018, we have been focusing on the New East, which we consider a new technological hub. Download our long list of 100 emerging startups from the New East – 2022 edition!

Download EMERGE 100 Report

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