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What is BuildUp Bootcamp?

BuildUp is a peer-to-peer, product-based technology bootcamp for mid-level specialists, designed to create the next generation of thinkers and makers in Armenia. BuildUp focuses on teaching the participants to think strategically to shift their mindset from developing outsourced products to creating their own ones that will eventually lead Armenia into a marketplace of products. 

Where did the idea of BuildUp Bootcamp come from?

The founders of BuildUp decided to develop a peer-to-peer, product-based technology educational program, to disrupt the way technology is taught in Armenia. BuildUp is intended to educate and expand the network of engineers, marketers, and product managers in Armenia by creating a collaborative space for tutors and students. Buildup has united 100+ tech industry leaders from 13 countries as trustees and 20+ volunteers to drive the community of collaborative and technically brilliant professionals to change the industry on the national scale.

BuildUp Bootcamp in Yerevan, 2022

BuildUp Bootcamp in Yerevan. BuildUp is a peer-to-peer, product-based technology Bootcamp for mid-level specialists, designed to create the next generation of thinkers and makers in Armenia.

Traditional education alone results in mediocre-level professionals, lacking the expertise and exceptional proficiency in the Armenian market. In the digital era, critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation-driven approaches are a must for an employee to seize all the career opportunities ahead. Many players in the field lack experience or knowledge on how to outgrow their position and become an industry top.

— “When a powerful idea unites influential community, there real changes come” — Ani Rubenyan, Community Manager

Idea implementation and the team of BuildUp Bootcamp

“We have the main team of 8 but with a big number of volunteers and a huge community of trustees. Currently, we have more than 20 volunteers, and more than 90 trustees. The main idea of BuildUp is to disrupt the way that technology is taught in Armenia — and develop an exceptional network of engineers, marketers, product managers, and more who are technically brilliant, collaborative, supportive, and passionate about building new products that can shape the future”, says Albert Poghosyan, the founder of BuildUp Bootcamp.

“All members in BuildUp community contribute to the accomplishment of this idea, shaping the School development vector. We are aimed to create a collaborative community where people can study peer-to-peer and share their experiences.”, mentions Ani Rubenyan,  the community manager of BuildUp Bootcamp.

Where was the idea presented, and what results were recorded?

“At first, the idea of BuildUp Bootcamp was rooted when I started to search for high-level professionals for my own startup in Armenia. I realized that there was a lack of specialists with strong problem-solving skills”, tells Albert Poghosyan.

BuildUp Bootcamp students, Yerevan, Armenia

BuildUp Bootcamp students, Yerevan, Armenia

Being in a community of tech people, he validates the problem with a lot of CEOs and directors.

“Thus, I decided to establish a school that would help middle-level specialists develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to be able to create tech products. I found out that problem-based education was proved to be more effective to achieve this goal. Once being divided into multidisciplinary teams our students are supposed to solve real-life problems and build and launch products. All those challenges are proposed and mentored by our community members – trustees”, finishes the story of the birth of Bootcamp Albert.

BuildUp Bootcamp students, Yerevan, Armenia

BuildUp Bootcamp students, Yerevan, Armenia

As a result of the first batch, our 5 products have been created by 5 student teams. 3 of them have already been launched on Product Hunt. We are proud to share that they recorded truly exciting results, proving that problem-based learning can be a reality in Armenia.

  1. UpOn – ranked #8, launched Aug 2, 2022
  2. SkyBucket – ranked #2, launched Aug 4, 2022
  3. Wordbook – ranked #1 (Product of the Day), launched Aug 9, 2022

Who are the students of BuildUp Bootcamp and what they are learning?

The first batch which was launched in April 2022 involved 36 students that were divided into 6 multidisciplinary teams. We have the following programs:

  1. Product management
  2. Product design
  3. Digital marketing
  4. B2B sales
  5. Back-end development
  6. Full-stack development

We are planning to add a Front-end dev program in the 2022 Autumn batch. At the same time, we are scaling the number of students, and are ready to accept 84 students who will form 12 teams.

Products created within the framework of the BuildUp Bootcamp


This is a ready-made onboarding builder that will allow you to create and integrate a pop-up banner on your website in 9 minutes.

  • Increased user activation.
  • Reduced user drop-off.
  • Ready-made solutions.


Skybucket provides an all-in-one concept platform for frequent travelers and influencers to organize, visualize and dynamically manage all bookmarks and bucket lists from various social networks and sources by creating folders, adding descriptions, and using filters and search bar.

  • All saved content and bookmarks at the same place. 
  • Search and filter to find the bookmark.
  • Tools to organize saved content and bookmarks.


The product provides an easy way to see real-time transcripts of youtube videos, get the word definition by clicking on the word while watching the video, and save the unknown words in the personal dictionary. The solution is intended for users who don’t understand some terms or words when listening to audio/video materials and are forced to open other tabs on the browser to search for the meaning of the word, translate, etc.

  •  All-in-one YouTube learning tool that will kill half of your Chrome tabs and save your time.
  •  Instead of jotting down words on paper, save them to your dictionary.

iMed Flow

going live on product hunt on Aug 11, 2022 

Inpatient medication tracking and protocol adherence tool and internal operational system for small and medium-sized clinics and hospitals.

An all-in-one place dashboard for hospital staff to track the whole process of inpatient treatment.

  • Appointments and availability calendar for medical staff to better allocate human resources.
  • Treatment adherence for nurses
  • Patient medical history, including previous treatment, medication, and allergies.


going live on product hunt on Aug 16, 2022

Harmoney is a contract profitability assessment tool that automatically brings all your contract revenues, costs and company overheads into one single place and format for profitability analysis and easily digestible data visualization.

  • Client contract and vendor invoice management.
  • Precise profitability analysis.
  • Data visualization dashboard.
  • Multiple user-permission levels.

Join BuildUp Bootcamp

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BuildUp also offers a  one-of-a-kind opportunity, which is the tuition delayed model. Alumni students will become members of the BuildUp community receiving a career boost and job offers from leading companies. Once they upgrade their salary, then only participants will begin to pay off the tuition. Anyone who joins the BuildUp program is part of a network, that will always have support for both networking and career growth.

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