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BrushUp – an Armenian startup that combines hygiene & tech

BrushUp is a universal teaching device that attaches to any toothbrush and guides the user to take better care of their teeth. BrushUp has 2 components, the first of which attaches to the handle of the toothbrush, and the second is a mobile application that is installed on a smartphone. These two units are connected to each other, but can also be used completely independently. When using the wrong teeth cleaning technique, the device will warn you with a sound signal and keep you away from unwanted consequences. Thus, users will develop a reflex for proper dental care.

BrushUp is designed for everyone, but the primary users are children.

With BrushUp’s mobile app, it is possible to upgrade or add functionality to the device, for example, add a brushing timer to the device, which will provide an accurate time to brush each side of the denture. The application can also be used as a means of motivating children, for example, with the help of active bonus systems (daily dental care without gaps, least mistakes, etc.).

From idea to startup

Hasmik Manukyan, one of the members of the team implementing the idea, notes that the idea of ​​creating the BrushUp device had a very unexpected beginning.

In the spring of this year, I participated in the entrepreneurship course organized by the American University of Armenia. During one of the classes, we were given sheets, each of which indicated specific products, and we had to think of new functions for the products, thanks to which buyers would prefer the product we offered. One of the groups was given a toothbrush, and they suggested making the brush eco-friendly as a new feature. Based on my experience, I realized that many people would not be attracted by that offer, and at that very moment I had the idea to create a brush that would emit a sound signal when using the wrong technique of brushing teeth, – says Hasmik.

The most important part of the implementation of the idea was the technical part. On the day of the end of the program, Hasmik asks for advice from Anna and Aram (they studied together in the same program and met there) if it is possible to implement the idea. They liked the idea very much, and Anna decided to ask her father, who is an engineer, about the technical part.

Anna, finding out from her father that the idea is technically feasible, approves and suggests making not a brush, but a device that will be universal for all brushes. On Aram’s advice, the idea is presented to the Buissup hackathon project, whose registration was only days away. During the hackathon, the team gets to know a new engineer, Vanik, who makes a prototype of the device overnight.

The BrushUp team

Doctor dentist/orthodontist: Hasmik Manukyan, 2 experienced (10+ years) programmers: Anna Malkhasyan and Aram Gevorgyan, engineer: Vanik Tigranyan, who started working a few days after the hackathon, but kept his permanent senior engineer, are working on the idea with great enthusiasm. the position in the future startup.

BrushUp Startup team, Armenia

The BrushUp startup team at the American University of Armenia, July 2022.

BrushUp’s first steps

The idea took its first steps during the Buissup Hackathon organized by the Union of Armenian Businessmen.

At Aram’s suggestion, we decided to participate in the Buissup hackathon. We were very excited about our idea, but like in all books or movies, we also had our problem: we didn’t have an engineer, says Hasmik.

Despite this, the team decided to participate anyway, hoping that during the hackathon their team would be strengthened, and that’s exactly what happened. Vanik joined the team.

Joining the team at the hackathon, Vanik was fired up with our idea and created the prototype overnight.

Excited by the result, we prepared for the performance and started eagerly waiting for our turn. The wait was difficult, we were the penultimate among 28 teams. And the more speeches we heard, the more the hope of victory faded. there were many worthy teams, – says Anna.

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The team’s hope is finally sealed when, after their presentation and demonstration of the prototype, the jury said they had no questions.

While we were trying to figure out what to do next in the fog, already firmly defeated, the time to wait for the results was over and the winning team was announced. We cannot describe our surprise and joy when our team was declared the winner, – says Anna.

Future: in the near future

ԲրաշԱփ գաղափարի թիմը՝ Buissup հաքաթոնի հաղթող

BrushUp idea team, winner of the Buissup hackathon

Our victory earned us participation in the Buissup Global Forum, which immediately became our plan for the near future. We will definitely participate, but hopefully already with the first preliminary version of our product (device + app) (if we make it). We also want to spread our products as much as possible and understand the demand and the market.

We have big plans to enter the global market, establish mass production in Armenia and raise Armenia’s recognition in the field of production as well. We dream that Made In Armenia will become a standard of innovation and quality.
— Aram Gevorgyan

We haven’t reached our dream yet, but we won’t stop. And we are sure that if we don’t stop, it will work out
— Anna Malkhasyan

You can find the BrushUp idea useful on the project’s homepage here
Featured photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

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