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5 small tech countries with great growth perspectives

Small tech countries, in contrast to giant technological countries, have many advantages – a peaceful course of life, leisured and easy-going lifestyle, great prospects for development, etc. Combining these advantages with other attractive conditions, we have studied the world’s small tech countries that have the greatest potential and provide desirable opportunities for startups…
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Moving to Armenia: how much can Yerevan expand?

How much can Yerevan expand in terms of the volume of high-tech and creative industries, information technologies and startups? While many IT professionals are moving to Armenia to find a peaceful place to work and a comfortable ecosystem for business growth, Armenia faces…
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Technological infrastructures of Armenia

The rates of technological development in Armenia over the last 5 years show that the growth of the business sector and the growth of infrastructures are not so synchronized. What are the temps of the growth in the tech business segment in Armenia? Our columnists are…